Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Paintings

So I finally got around to varnishing and shooting my most recent paintings. The two paintings of Kelly in the kitchen, "Blue Cup" and "Green Mug", are available for viewing at Ingram Gallery, so if your in the area stop by and check them out. It is the first time I have ever used silver frames, and was very satisfied with the results.

The painting "In the Woods" was one of my more detailed works, and I had a blast really pushing the realism of the different textures. I think it my one of my most successful canvases to date in that regard.

In "Woman in White" I was dealing with a very limited palette, and it became quite a challenge. Rendering Carol's coat was particularly difficult, the gradations of colour were very subtle and surprisingly strange. But painting a dog is always a nice release from painting flesh, and it was the most entertaining part for me to finish.

The portrait "Holly In Yellow" was painted for a local portrait competition, and again was playing with using a limited palette. By exploring the huge range on tones within one colour group, an unparalleled sense of unity can emerge. I really wanted Holly to radiate, a golden summer light bathing her hair and gently warming her face. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Love the blue cup in an extraordinary way. Beautiful.

  2. I love this! My fingers are crossed, but I doubt you need much luck.