Saturday, January 31, 2009

AGO Visit

Since it was Kelly's birthday on Thursday, we gave ourselves a well deserved afternoon out, and used our shiny new memberships down at the shiny new Art Gallery of Ontario. I've been a few times since it's re-opening, and I gotta say, it looks fan-flippin-tastic. From the funky swerves and curves of the pathways in the main entrance, to the "holy crap I've just been eaten by a wooden whale" rib-like swoops that form the dramatic face of the building, it is by far the greatest step forward in Toronto's quest to become a "World Class city".
Sure, the ROM and the pencil crayon building of OCAD look dramatic from the outside, but fall short when you you get inside with their cheap looking "Zellereque" decorum. I think the AGO has succeeded in forging curves and spirals around the hard angles of the existing building in a way that compliments itself and the artwork in a really cool way. High Five AGO, I'll be back soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Website Coming

I've decided that 2009 will be the year that I take hold the dusty reins of my web presence. I've had a good friend update my website for me for few years now, but he's currentlyworking the cruise ship circuit out of California, so I'm sure he'd rather get tagged in the Facebook albums of young blond women than html the night away for me. I'm trying to keep the site graphic and simple like my current one, but with a little more bow-chicka-wow-wow, and a lot less two year old exhibition info.

We artists in general are always so busy producing work, that we often forget the importance of getting our work out there, via competitions, UPDATED websites, sending portfolios to other cities. I think now, especially with "The Economy" being the way it is, we better dust off our hats and grab out dancing canes, because it might take a moonwalk or two to keep our audience's attention.

Monday, January 26, 2009

On my breaks...

When I'm in a serious work period like I am in now, I only leave the house for supplies and food. How do I keep the spirits up and not turn to Whiskey Bacon you ask? Well thank the military for the Internet I tell ya.

Almost every Nintendo Entertainment System game can be played easily, download free, and with the use of your regular old keyboard! The site is, and it was created by a 15 year old kid named Jamie Sanders. Big ups to the modern high-schoolers. After a couple of games of Double Dragon or Super Spike VolleyBall, I'm as cool as a cucumber and ready to put in a couple more hours of the old brush pushin'. You da young adult Jamie.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Frozen Photoshoot

Today I was able to take pictures for a painting I've been planning for a month or so. I have been a craigslist junkie ever since I successfully procured a certified 1993 "House of Pain" poster from the "free" section a few weeks ago. I usually check it over a few times a day, just in case someone is giving away plane tickets to Amsterdam, a cotton candy machine
(with attendant), or anything else that I can go pick up, bring home, realize that it's crap, and throw away myself a week or so later.
Checking over the "artist" section, I read a post from someone looking to have photos taken of their white German Shepherd, in return for copies of said photos. I immediately thought of how amazing a painting of this beautiful creature amongst all this snow in Toronto would be.

Our good friend Carol has been a long time supporter of ours, and with her striking features I knew she would be perfect for the painting. After scoping out a few locations, Kelly and I found a white picnic area building right on the beach in "the Beaches" area of the city. So with Minus 20 weather, we all braved the wind whipping off of Lake Ontario and got down to it. It was freeezing, but Carol was a real trooper and I took some great shots. Thanks again to Stephanie for the use of our good pal "Linux" the dog, and to our friend Ebony who came through with Carol's wardrobe right off of her own back.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

February Exhibition

Ingram Gallery represents my work right here in Toronto, and starting February 5th several of my drawings will be included in a group show. Entitled "Works on Paper", it will include a few of the gallery artists rockin' and rollin' on one of humanity's most loved surfaces. Click the link for more....

First Post

Right now I am feverishly working towards an April 1st deadline. A gallery in NY has asked me to submit 4 paintings, which may be chosen for an exhibition in June. Trying to juggle this alongside of designing two websites and completing 20 architectural renderings has been proving to be a little overwhelming, but solitude from friends and pints of Dr.Pepper are helping things along. Posted above are study drawings for two of the works in progress.