Saturday, January 31, 2009

AGO Visit

Since it was Kelly's birthday on Thursday, we gave ourselves a well deserved afternoon out, and used our shiny new memberships down at the shiny new Art Gallery of Ontario. I've been a few times since it's re-opening, and I gotta say, it looks fan-flippin-tastic. From the funky swerves and curves of the pathways in the main entrance, to the "holy crap I've just been eaten by a wooden whale" rib-like swoops that form the dramatic face of the building, it is by far the greatest step forward in Toronto's quest to become a "World Class city".
Sure, the ROM and the pencil crayon building of OCAD look dramatic from the outside, but fall short when you you get inside with their cheap looking "Zellereque" decorum. I think the AGO has succeeded in forging curves and spirals around the hard angles of the existing building in a way that compliments itself and the artwork in a really cool way. High Five AGO, I'll be back soon.

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